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Here are Staybright Electric we offer world class services at prices that fit your budget and timeframes. We have set the standard of professionalism and workmanship in the market and trained our field technicians to the same level of performance. By working with SBE, you are already making the right choice.

What We Provide


Commercial Lighting Services

Since Staybright Electric (SBE) incorporated, our specialty has been to provide industrial and commercial lighting services in retail settings. Over the years as a commercial lighting company, Staybright Electric has evolved to become a leader in lighting services in practically every commercial and industrial application.

We have completed commercial lighting projects in 1.5 million plus square foot warehouses and distribution centers, stores, libraries, hospitals, schools and the list goes on.

Regardless of your lighting need, SBE has the manpower, the manufacturer relationships, the know-how, and the dedication to fill that need.

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Services Offered:

  • Scheduled & Preventative Maintenance
  • Group Relamping Services
  • Fixture Replacement, Addition, and Relocation
  • Parking Lot Lighting
  • Exterior Building Lighting
  • Lighting Upgrades & Retro Fits
  • Emergency Lighting Service

Energy Management

LED Lighting and Utility Rebates

Staybright Electric (SBE) knows that energy costs comprise 85% of the total cost to operate and maintain a lighting system. Reducing your Energy consumption is the most effective way to reduce your lighting maintenance costs. This can be done through Commercial LED Lighting projects and utility rebates from local power companies.

Implementing an energy management plan can mean huge savings for a single building or your entire company. In some cases, the incentives of the utility rebates virtually pay for the lighting retrofit project. These rebates can take a Return On Investment (ROI) from years to months.

SBE services include a wide range of energy reduction projects that will cut costs and improve your lighting system. From retrofits that can reduce lighting costs by 50% to relamping/reballasting projects that yield big savings, we can find a great solution that fits any type of commercial or industrial space.

SBE works closely with the local power companies across the USA to generate the most savings for your company through utility rebates.

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Commercial LED Lighting

Staybright Electric wants to help you switch over to Commercial LED Lighting. LED Lights are just as luminous as other lights, but use significantly less power. Our LED Retrofits will save you money by reducing operating costs, as well as help out the environment and keep your company “green”.

SBE has spent the last several years doing a wide array of LED retrofit installations; both Horizontal and Vertical coolers, HI-Bays, PAR and Reflector floods for recessed, track and other directional lighting, display Valances, and Signage. Pictures of our work with LEDs can be viewed at the examples of our work page.

“Going Green”, “Reduce Your Energy Footprint”, “LED”, “Rare Earth Phosphor Crisis” and “Economic Downturn” are words that have increasingly dominated the Retail Facilities Management world throughout the past several years.

To help maintain our environment many of us want to “Go Green” to save energy (and $$$), but often times the initial capital outlay of converting to LED systems can be a daunting task in terms of cost, time and the sheer volume of choices out there.

The chart below shows you how much you have to save by switching to LED Lighting. Staybright Electric can help you reduce your monthly lighting costs, and recoup your initial investment quickly.

For exterior lighting there are exceptional conversions for Wall packs, Parking lot lighting and Accent Lighting. We have worked with a variety of manufacturers over the years and built some strong relationships. We can help you wade through the sea of LED choices out there and narrow the field down to quality, cost effective choices that meet your facility needs.

The cost and available options of LED systems continue to improve and Staybright Electric is set up to capitalize on available energy rebates and in many cases we can create custom rebate packages with utility companies. That once daunting price tag, can become a very attractive Return on Investment, especially when combined with the extremely low maintenance costs that LEDs offer for years after the retrofit(See Price Comparison Chart).

If an LED retrofit is something you are looking at right now, and you need help selecting, installing, pricing, or capitalizing on rebates associated with LEDs, Contact Staybright Electric and we will help you every step of the way.

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Commercial Electrical Services

Staybright Electric (SBE) performs a wide variety of commercial electrical services across the country. These services range from service calls to small-scale and large-scale electrical projects and installations.

Whether it is a receptacle being changed out or a piece of switchgear being updated, SBE is your one-stop resource to meeting your electrical needs and demands.

SBE has long-standing relationships with an array of distributors, which provides us access to any electrical part needed, at very competitive prices, while ensuring the quickest possible delivery. This equates to less downtime and lower prices for our customers. Our national presence allows us to buy material at greater volumes, which ensures lower pricing than most local or regional electricians can provide.

SBE is a nationally licensed Electrical Contractor. We take pride in our workmanship and stand behind our field’s professionalism. With that, we perform our work in accordance with all NEC, state and local standards.

One of the value added benefits our customers appreciate most is the ability to find solutions in the most difficult circumstances that benefit not only the customer, but the bottom line. If we see a less expensive, faster and safer way to reach the end goal, we provide this feedback to the customer. We have a history of saving our customers a lot of time and money over the years with this approach.”

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